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First-generation Apple iPad with Wi-Fi, available with 16, 32, or 64 GB. Model Number A1219. Repairs are straightforward and do not require heat.

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Why does screen cycle on/off and does not get to apple logo screen?


Have an old apple ipad and was wondering if this is a screen related issue or if logic board related? Is it even worth fixing?

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Also computer does not recognize it when connected via USB.


I'm surprised to see the first gen iPad is still around :), not worth fixing at all. Spend the money on a refurbished iPad that can update to latest iOS.


@sammyz I do not fully agree, being the first iPad ever made if it's in good condition it may have and increase its amateur vintage value.


@arbaman vintage value? We all wish that were true ;-)


@mayer I never lose hope, if we'll get old enough one day or the other it will eventually be even antique ;)


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Are you using the original adapter to try charging it ? The iPad needs a more powerful brick than an iPhone and might show such behavior when powered insufficiently. If it wasn’t used for a longer period of time with battery drained that might cause such issue too. However, unless it’s a matter of weak power brick, any further step would need to open up the iPad, test a new battery, test charging circuit and it’s going to cost some money and work.

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