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The 6th-generation Surface Pro, released in October 2018. Available in platinum and black. Model number: 1796.

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Can I use the display unit of the Surface pro 5 for pro 6?


can i use the Display of the pro 5 to fix my shattered Pro 6 Display?

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I'm going to give a tentative "yes" with the caveat that I'm not speaking from direct experience.

Looking at pictures of replacement screens for both the Pro 5 and Pro 6, the cabling looks to be identical. The specs (resolution, physical dimensions, etc) for the screens are also the same. I also found part number "LP123WQ1 SP A1" being sold on eBay as a replacement screen for the Surface Pro 6 *AND* the Surface Pro 5.


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No you can’t, the Surface Pro 5 and Pro 6 displays have different touch controllers and are not cross-compatible.

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I have installed the pro 5 display on a surface pro 6 without issues. I’m not sure sure where you got your info from but they are 100% cross compatible.


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