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Is it possible to update OS from Lion? Having issues with Chrome.

Hi all,

I’ve just purchased a MacBook Late 2007 2.2 GHz for my daughter. I have a Mac Pro myself but this was ideal for her for Uni.

I’ve downloaded Chrome which is fine however when I try to access LinkedIn it’s saying my Chrome is outdated. I’m not able to download an updated version to the one I have installed because I cant update from Lion.

Does anyone have any ideas about getting around this. MacBook is a fab little machine but is going to prove useless unless I can sort this out for her.

Many thanks,


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Here's your systems series MacBook3,1 - Santa Rosa


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Sadly, Apple doesn’t offer support for anything newer than Lion OS-X 10.7.x officially on this system …

Now we need to talk about going beyond what Apple supports. As it turns out you could upgrade to Mojave! Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s the info to setup Mojave on your system DosDude1

But before you jump you’ll want to upgrade your HDD to a SSD and I would strongly recommend getting a 1 TB or a 512 GB drive. You’ll also want to maximize your RAM to 6.0 GB too.

And lastly, make sure the system is in good shape as well. The CCFL backlight lamps tend to dim from age.

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@danj I certainly wouldn't take or recommend taking this machine to Mojave unless you have actually done one yourself!


@mayer - Its not as good as the newer systems for sure!

I broken down and gave it a try its not too bad for simple stuff like writing, email, and surfing the web. As long as the expectations are not beyond what this system is able to do then its worth the effort.

Take a look at this Hackintosh a... REAL Mac?

I saw this and questioned if it was worth it. So ... I dug though my junk and pulled out a MacBook3,1. Needed to fix it up a bit, maxed the RAM and put in a SSD, Screen was still quite dim but workable to test. It was quite zippy! Considering its only a Core 2 Duo. It did heat up running YouTube vids and I'm sure graphic type of Apps will bring it to its knees.


@danj Ok, I was very skeptical. I did do the DosDude flash on my 2009 Mac Pro to Sierra when it came out, but have not taken it further. Of course that dual 2.9 GHz processor certainly has the power to handle it. So. I'll look around here and see if I have something I am willing to risk it on. But this may be great news for a lot of my old customers. I have a great many machines with SSHD drives out there. I have found that starting fresh (rather than upgrading) eliminates the APSF problems.


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There’s also a tool Called Mac Post Factor it can put 10.8 up to 10.12 on a 3,1 MacBook. Keep in mind that you will need the OS X update file for this.

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