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The economical version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, released in July 2013.

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My GT-I9190 has died and not turning on

Hello Internet

My S4 mini was working normally and suddenly it went off during charging and was not turning on again. Just to mention it was running android LineageOS 7.1 for more than 1 year without any major problems.

When I took it to the repair shop last Feb, they told me the problem is in the Power IC chip. I ordered one from Aliexpress.

When he replaced it it still did not turn on.

What would be the problem then ??

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I would suggest doing a search here at iFixIt for “Samsung Mini S4 charging” for some good ideas. A couple of the Guides mention replacement of the Charging Port Assembly - which is what I had to do for both my Mini S4 and another brand of phone with same problem (my Mini S4 would not charge after IC replacement. It finally needed new Charge Port connector, and the Nokia phone originally needed the charging jack replaced, which I did, then later got entire charging assembly replaced)

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Thanks for your contribution Chaz,

The technician was trying to power the phone using the power source applied directly to the battery ports, but it did not turn on.

Anyway, I will take this into consideration and tell him about the Charging Port Assembly.

Thanks again.


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