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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Can't get the phone into recovery mode

I need to restore an iPhone 6 plus with iTunes. I have tried holding down the menu key along with the power button starting with the phone being off and I’ve tried it with it on to start with. I tried holding down the vol down and the power but I still can not get it to go into recovery mode. Any other suggestions would be great!

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if you are trying to get to DFU to do a restore (this will delete all your data on the phone, not icloud)

1.connect to phone to the pc and open itunes

2.hold Power + Home button for 10 seconds

3.Release Power button but keep holding Home button for 5 seconds or until you hear the pc sound when you connect a device ( if you see the apple logo, you holded home + power too long, repeat step 2)

at this point itunes should detect the phone in DFU and should let you do a restore, this will trigger icloud protection if there is any, make sure you know your password to the icloud account or you wont be able to access your phone.

Good luck!

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