Usual bootloop, solder/heat fix help.

So, the LG/Google Nexus 5X. As some of you might know there was some sort of lawsuit regarding this phone since a whole lot of them ended up in a bootloop which LG wasn’t able to fix.

Anyways, i recently recieved a Nexus 5X from a customer. the customer only wants the photos/videos out of the phone. I looked up a few videos and they say that this sort of fix only works temporarily. link to a video here -

I have been following his steps and actually got the phone to boot normally, the problem is that it dies again before i can manage to export any of footage on the phone. When i read the comments the most people say that their phones worked for like 2-3 days before it shuts down again, i only get it to work 1-2 minutes after the full bootup.

I have next to none experience when it comes to “soldering” so reballing the whole chip is not something i will be able to do. Anyone knows why i cant get it to work for longer?

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