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upgrading my asus i5 3317u

i have quetions , my asus (S46c) i5 3317u ,1.7gh , is getting slow , can i upgrade the cpu to higher grade which makes my pc fater .

Thank you all

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Thanks for your answer , i bought it 5 years ago , i use it for website designs like photoshop work .

I already changed the ram to 8 gb .

And the pc has already ssd .

Sad that i can do anything except selling it .

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unfortunately that laptop model has the cpu soldered but what kind of work you do on the laptop? is not bad at all for most people, best thing you can do to get a quick boost in overall system speed is, if you have a mechanical hard drive, replace it with a SSD specially with prices of those today are way cheap that a few years ago and trust me mechanical from SSD is like night and day.

check how many GB of system RAM has, is really easy to get at least 8GB of RAM

with those 2 things you should feel the laptop like brand new

if you are rendering of playing high demanding games then you should start looking more in GPUs but then again most are soldered, if you have the 2018 model you should be able to use external GPUs via Type-C connector.

hope this helps

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