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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 Plus that was released on September 19, 2014. Model: A1522, A1524

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iPhone Freezing 4 to 5 times per day

Installed an after market screen on a customers phone.

They told me their phone had been dropped in water, I saw a little corrosion on one of the connections. (not the main ones, the home button one)

Everything seemed to work fine but his phone is freezing 5 to 6 times a day. He cracked his screen again. This time I put on an original and it didn’t appear to fix the problem.

This morning he messaged me saying when he “pushes his screen” in, the freezing goes away. He also told me that when it’s fully charged, it doesn’t appear to freeze ever.

Is there anyone who has experienced a similar issue that might be able to give me some advice?


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With a water damaged phone, all bets are off. Was this phone properly decontaminated by you or a previous tech? Even then, water damaged phones tend to have all kinds of latent issues that come back and bite you. When you say “freezing”, do you mean the Touch or is the phone locking up?

At any rate, this phone would have to be diagnosed at the board level and frankly, it may not be worth repairing.

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This is exactly what I was thinking and exactly what I told him.


Both, locking, touch.


I agree to clean the water damage, that's the first thing you should do. But the Touch IC could be damaged too, if when pushing the screen it works again, it is very common of that problem.


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