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The 5-door Explorer and its companion the Mercury Mountaineer were redesigned entirely for the 2002 model year, gaining a similar appearance to its big brother, the Ford Expedition.

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My Battery drains in 3 days. (It's a brand new Battery)

I have a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport. 4.0 V-6. Just bought a brand new Battery for it (3 days ago) and it’s drained dead. Entire Charging System checks out good, as does The Starting System. The entire Wiring Harness checks out good also. Tested Starter, Altenator, Voltage Regulator, and Starter Relay. All check out fine. The Ford Dealership can’t figure it out. I got almost $2,000 stuck in it from The Ford Dealership and I’m just about done. So what’s the problem?

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Hi @explorer03 ,

You may have to start pulling out fuses to see where the current is going to.

With the engine OFF suggest that you remove the -ve cable from the battery and connect an Ammeter between the cable and the -ve battery post.

Ensure that the Ammeter is set to DC 10A range and check the current measured..

There should normally be some discharge from the battery to maintain things such a immobilizers and other electronics.

if the current seems too high - don't know what it should be but 80-100 mA may be normal - start pulling out the fuses one at a time and check the meter reading.

When it drops to the above amount at least you know what fuse it is and what it supplies and you can move on from there.

I don't know your vehicle and had a really stupid thought - have you checked things like the cargo light in the boot is OFF when the doors are shut?

Just some thoughts.


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you have a loaded current some where,you can take two steps,first checking for drained power by removing main power relays in main distribution fuse box,then checking by removing fuse after one till you explore the drain power line.

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