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Home button rejection after charging port replacement

I run a repair shop and replace screens and other parts daily with no issue. But yesterday I came across a first:

A repeat customer came in and needed a new lightning port on his iPhone 7. Okay, it took a little while because for the 7s you have to do a complete tear-down essentially.

Nothing went wrong during the replacement, and I tested the the new port and it all worked as it should. Now here’s where the problem is…

Even though I set the screen aside and didnt even TOUCH the home button at all, the phone no longer recognizes its native home button, BUT the digital home button wasnt turned on automatically as it would be if the phone just didnt see a home button period.

Is it possible that I maybe tripped some security flag and the phone disabled the home button as a security measure? Because *nothing* was torn or broken.

I should note that my manager has also in the past noticed some home button wierdness on a different 7 after a tear-down… after he put it back together every time you touch the home button, you hear a loud beep for a second or 2, like a smoke detector, then the phone shuts down. It seems like these are both security issues that has nothing to do with anything physical being broken.

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Something must be amiss. A torn ribbon or bad connector maybe.

We do hundreds of these and don’t have issues unless it’s torn etc.

The charge port flex flex can be changed without stripping the whole phone out, just remove sim tray and screws along that side and slide it under.

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I've seen a few different possible reasons during my research today. If he comes in again I'll try a few. I even looked at the home button itself, but it was perfectly fine (it didnt leave the LCD during the initial repair)


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Check the home button flex cable on the lcd, it might be torn a little and you can’t even notice it’s torn. I attached a picture for making it easy for you to understand

Block Image

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but I tried a new screen and I still had the problem.


Have you tried restoring the phone with the home button connected to new screen?


No, the customer left. I wanna get some things to try and maybe have him come back in, but I think if something was triggered, and it wasnt physically broken, then he's going to have to bring it to Apple to get the phone to accept the button again. I wish they'd give us their calibration tool or at least tell us how to connect new home buttons.


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