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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Why is service for a apple watch 4 so bad?

My apple watch 4 screen has a crack. I want to fix this but apple charges 321 euro’s for it. This is basically almost the same as a new watch!

This is outragious! I would have expect good service for such a expensive device.

So I wanted to do the Repair myself But there arn’t any screens in stock. Why is this? Is it such a hard part to get? Or does apple hold them exclusive for them selfs so people are forced to pay the high price?

I should have got apple care but I only found this out after the screen cracked….

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Have you seen how much an expensive Swiss watch costs to fix? It's not cheap either ;-{


You are right that premium Swiss watches cost a fortune to service. However considering the service interval and the total value of the watch, the cost is justified. Swiss watches for the most part are designed to be modular, serviceable, there is a thriving industry of premium watch servicing, service technicians are actively trained and enjoy their job. 3rd party service centers are supported by manufacturers with original parts, tools and documentation and certification. Even non-original parts can sometimes be handcrafted. The problem is not the price, rather the unwelcoming atmosphere from Apple, it's like they hate the 3rd party repair industry, honest customers just want a reasonable and decent repair service and are willing to pay if the service is right.


Thanks Tom,

This is exactly what I mean, maybe I reacted a bit out of anger. Off course I am willing to pay, I damaged it myself.

So is there any route I can take? Or just save up and let Apple repair it?


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Welcome to Apple, they don’t expect the device to be repaired, ever.

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I won't fault Apple alone here.

Way back in the day HP made some of the best calculators! To stay competitive they needed to integrate the parts into smaller and smaller elements to the point the whole calculator became disposable!

This is the direction the whole industry is tracking to. Apple just happens to be in the lead in this direction.


The difference here is that HP had to stay competitive by controlling cost. Apple didn't have that thin of a margin. There are plenty of room for Apple to become repair-friendly, even not considering product design, at least you can offer more open access to parts and documentation.

For Apple Watch, the 3rd party repair cost wouldn't change that much so there is not much to be said.


@tomchai - If Apple didn't have the aura it has, it too would be fighting the bottomline like HP did with its calculators.

I'm not disagreeing, Apple has gone to far. Sometimes a company needs to stand on something other than the bottomline. Apple has boxed them selves into a corner which if they don't correct their direction will become the first trillion dollar company to be come a flash in the pan! Then we all loose.


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