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Repair guides and support for smaller headsets that rest on top of the ear, also known as supra-aural headphones.

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Beats Solo 3 (A1796) Dropped.

I dropped my beats and after I dropped them the speaker would go in/out so I assumed a wire was loose. Open them up a few weeks later and everything looks to still be soldered together…Is there a way to tell if the speaker is the culprit?

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I’m on my third pair of Beats myself, each time it’s the left speaker that quits. I love them, but their speakers don’t exactly take a beating. It’s probably a goner but check out other Beats threads here on iFixit.

If they are less than a year old, you should be covered under warranty:

If you are forced to shell out the cash for a new pair, do what I did:

  1. Buy the Beats on Amazon, they are cheaper
  2. Get a 2-year or 3-year electronics warranty (usually suggested when added to cart), it’s like $15 max.
  3. Because they usually only last 2-2.5 years, when they break, just file a claim with that warranty website. They either send you a new pair, OR, better yet, send you an Amazon gift card for the value of the headphones at the time or purchase. I just use that gift card and buy the new Beats.

Think smarter, not harder :P


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