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Bubbelbaden, ook gekend als spas of onder de merknaam Jacuzzi, zijn baden met warm water, waar vaak luchtbellen in gevormd worden die een masseren effect teweeg brengen.

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Pumps always runs. There is no high or low speed... Just on or off.

Leisure bay santos. Running on 120v. I got the tub for free, got a new pump and heater. Its running well and it's hot… But there doesn't seem to be any kind of low speed circulation pump. It's just always on.

I had it on standard mode, circulating 8 hrs in 12 hours. Then i changed the setting to economy and made it be 2 hours of circulation in every 12 hour period. I didn't notice a change at all. The pump is either on or off. There's no low circulate only like my friend has. All I can do is adjust the air bubbles from on or off. Do i turn the pump off? Leave it on? Not sure how to do this. I just worry about the electric bill w that on all of the time.

Thank you for your time! Have a great day.

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Not sure if this is applicable to your model but if your Santo model is a Leisure Bay P5S3 or P9G3 then check if the DIP Switch key #7 is set to OFF.

Here’s a link to the manual for what is hopefully your model spa (as well as some others).

Scroll to p.7 in the manual to view the DIP Switch settings and their meanings.

Be safety aware when you go to do this and disconnect the Power to the unit, as there is potentially lethal power present on the board

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