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iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, model no. A1475. Available in Space Gray or Silver, with 16/32/64/128 GB configurations.

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Cellular network connection issues in ipad under OSX (12.1.3)

I had raised this question a week back and may be it was too confusing to attract any notice and draw any answer.  Sorry about that.

The issue is related to ipad air 5 (wifi+lte) with latest osx (12.1.3). I am trying to connect it to the Jio net in India with a Jio 4G SIM card using a “Jio 4GVoice” calling app. I try the following.

·      SIM card is put in the system

·      WIFI is selected (through a personal network)

·      Mobile Data is switched “ON”  (in Settings)

·      Network selection is set to “Automatic

·      LTE is enabled (in Mobile Data options)

Under Settings>General>About  the Carrier is shown as “Jio 35.0 and Network is shown as “Not Available”. Selecting network manually (to Jio4G) has same effect.


·      Resetting network and rebooting repeatedly or switching Airplane mode On and Off has no effect.

·      Change to a different network (AirTel India) has the same effect > Network not available.

·      Followed all steps as suggested in

From various discussions it appears the network data needs to be updated. For Jio it should be Jio 35.1 instead of Jio 35.0. It probably could be set under Profiles & Accounts. Somewhere it is also suggested to change the configuration. But I don’t know how. Thanks.

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From what I see, I’m not even sure if the LTE functionality is working in the first place, or if it is even compatible.

Is it a Model 1475 or 1476?

Do you have any example of working model 1475 or 1476 on given networks?

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The model is "a1475". Unfortunately, I don't have a working model to compare. May be I will try to look for one. But iPhone models running OSX 12.1 have similar problems. However, Clicking on the "Carrier" tab under Settings>General>About

updates the network carrier to Jio 35.1 and the problem is solved. In some cases waiting for the carrier to update also works. Please see the link I had given. Many people report that.


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