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MacBook Air won't turn on, charger appears to be working

My MacBook Air won't turn on at all. Last night, I closed the screen and then when I woke up it wouldn't turn on.

I have tried the basic methods like holding the power button, holding shift with the power button and the other key combos with no success.

The magsafe charger is plugged in, once it first enters the port the light is green and then becomes orange to indicate charging. However, when I do hold the shift option ctrl keys and then press the power button the magsafe changes to green for a few seconds before returning to orange. But still the laptop won't turn on.

Now for the unfortunate circumstances - I'm currently a volunteer on a remote island so my options are severely limited. I have the ability to open up the laptop, but almost no ability to check the charger other than via the light when plugged into the laptop.

Any tips on what I should try next would be greatly appreciated, and there is a chance I could get spare parts brought to the island if I need to replace some hardware (I have experience in doing that for other laptops).

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Review this Apple T/N: Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters check the MagSafe connectors for damage or dirt. If the cord is damaged don’t use the charger!

Let the system charge if the MagSafe cord LED is Amber. It may take a good 8 hrs to charge. If it doesn’t then you need a new battery.

If you can get it to come on at all install this app CoconutBattery so you can check your battery, it maybe just a worn-out battery.

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This is probably due to the OS crashing. If your sure the battery’s working *try double checking?* hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Or you could reset the firmware:

Plug in the power cable. Along with the power button, press Shift + Control + Option  key at the same time. Release all the four buttons at the same time. Press the power button and see if your Mac turns on.

If none of this works try getting in touch with a service executive

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Not sure if I wasn’t clear in my question, but the MacBook isn’t turning on... and I have tried the key combos... they don’t work. How do I double check the battery’s working when it won’t turn on??? Also I can’t get in touch with a service executive at the moment. This answer doesn’t really address the question at all.


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Not sure if this is related but when I replaced my battery with the one from iFixit, my MacBook would boot fine if it was on the charger. But if left alone for a while off charger when you hit the power button you would get the battery too low to boot icon and it would shut down. Put it back on the charger and it would boot up fine and report that the battery is almost full. I had to clear the PRAM via booting while holding command+option+P+R for 10s. This will reset things like screen brightness and volume level but my mac’s been a champ since. Hope that helps.

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