Windows Gives Script Host Error Every Power On and Restart

My Windows 10 gives Script Host File Can’t Find Eror Every Restart and Power On.

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Help Me Please.


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Hi @berke7856 ,

Try starting in safe mode and check if the problem occurs.

If it doesn't happen, check what programs are shown in task manager > startup (or Settings >Apps > startup and see if the file name (or similar) LSCjD is used for any of the programs mentioned. Find the program's file folder in Windows explorer and check the file names to see which program it might be

A program is looking for the file xxajv.vbs and cannot find it in the required location C:\Users\user\Appdata\roaming\LSCjv

You could search for xxajv.vbs using search in Windows Explorer to see if you can locate a file with this name and if there is which folder it is located in

Run sfc command just in case to do a system file check.

Just some thoughts.


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