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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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My Apple Watch Series4broke from the back side (optical heart sensor)

So my watch didn’t even fall down from 0,5m on the backside. My screen didnt broke at all, but I got a small crack on the other side, where the optical heart sensor is placed. My question is: Is there any possibility to change only the optical heart sensor with the glass ? Because I think since it broke, my battery goes empty much faster and it’s getting me in real trouble :/ it lasts now only about 6-8h. Thank you guys for the answers!

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Apple is the best place to get your watch fixed

Update (01/16/2019)

As you can see its a bit of work to even get to the sensor unit Demontage van de Apple Watch Series 4.

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I know but for 320 € ? im searching for a cheaper alternative


Sadly, parts are still very limited for this series (just too new), other than locating a donor watch and doing the swap-out your self I know of no other choices.


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