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First ever 2009 black MacBook


I’m converting a late 2007 MacBook a.k.a Santa Rosa architecture MacBook with a 2009 motherboard. I was wondering if anyone else has done this before because I haven’t seen anything on YouTube or on IFIXIT.

I know that the CPU cooler screw points don’t line up I used a Dremel and gorilla glue and sandpaper to attach the new points.

Anyway’s, I’m hoping this will go well. Any opinions about this project?

Update (01/09/2019)


The MacBook is up and running and the CPU cooler mounted just fine with the new screwpost all the cables are plug and play well for my model. The speaker cable, mic cable, inverter cable, MagSafe, backlight and Bluetooth are the same. And my airport card works in the new motherboard since it already supported N networks. Also the screws were just fine also the ports line up. So I think I now have the first 2009 black MacBook or 5,2 black MacBook

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Let's backup here ... The reason your doing this is you want a Black MacBook is that correct?


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Form over functionality is probably not the best reason to be doing a modification to a laptop. Do all the ports line up correctly? Same connections on the motherboard, wiring lengths, screws, etc? Sounds like more work than it's worth to be honest.

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