won't start in humid and/or rainy weather?

My old honda runs great…so great that I do not want to get rid of it but……when it gets rained on and /or the weather is especially humid IT WON’T START…..installed a new main relay and no difference…..I have had the yellow service light on for many years and when I try to start the car the various red lights and this yellow light come on as always..then the red lights go out and there is nothing….but then sometimes I hear a hum of (I think ) the fuel pump coming on and then it will start! Runs great ….but as electrical problems are hard to diagnose….is it time to cut my losses and get a new car? HELP…advice greatly appreciated!!

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High humidity points to old / cracked plug wires and or distributor cap. On a dry day open the hood in the late evening. Start engine and lightly mist the engine from a garden hose. If it both stalls and gives a light show - there you are.

If you ever hear the fuel pump, you should Always hear it. Totally common for unit to develop a dead spot in the commutator. Fuel pump relay can also be an issue. Given age it could be any of these.


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