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Released in Japan on December 12, 2004, in North America on March 24, 2005, and in Europe on 1 September, 2005.

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My PSP is bricked and I don't have another one, help?

After trying to homebrew my PSP Fat/Phat, i turned it on and this is what happened:

-After flashing some 1.05 OFW files on it, i turned it off

-I turn it on again and the screen is completely black

-Check the battery to see if anything is wrong

-Turn it on again and try every single button


I only have Mac OS X so i cannot do things PC might do, i also have a Pandora battery and a 4GB Memory Sitck

Just on a side note:

It was running 6.35, then i installed 6.35-B5 but every time i turned the device off, it returned to normal and then i tried to downgrade it so i could install 5.50m33. It's model number is a European 1001, if that helps in any way

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You have a Pandora Battery, so you're in luck. You will need to make something called a magic memory stick. (Basicaly, you'll use a special tool to add recovery files to a normal memory stick) There are a few different guides and tools that help you do this on a Mac. Once you make the magic memory stick, plug it into the PSP, remove the battery, and hold down the Left Bumper. Now, while holding the left bumper, insert the Pandora battery. The PSP should turn it on, and show a menu. Scroll down to "Install 5.00 (Or 5.03 if it shows it) OFW" The PSP will now reinstall stock firmware. Remove the magic memory stick, and reinstall the original battery. The PSP should now be unbricked, running stock 5.0* firmware.

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^ How to make a MMS the real easy way

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