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Can I fix this? Chip of msi Gtx 1050

I just bought a MSI GeForce GTX 1050 2GB Aero ITX OC of a person online.

All look fin and well i got the item shipped and the packing was really good.

So when i try to start the pc with the card in the pc and there was, no screen or fan spin.

i first was like “okey mabye the pcie didn’t have enough power” so i try with 2 more motherboards and psu.

when i finally find the error

Block Image

was not sure if there was a chip there or not before so i check the net for another pic where i found this

Block Image

so now my question is. can i fix it ? or more is it within my abillty to fix it ? can i get the part or is the card now just a paper weight.

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I've got that model card ill try and find what that component does .


Hmm sorry I can't help, my board despite being the same model doesn't have that layout and I can't find a schematic for your board


Well thanks for trying to find the schematic of the card


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Hello, I don’t think a tiny resistor can harm a graphic card at that level, and if it does then at least your fan should work properly.

My theory is that the old owner overclocked the graphic card to death, you have to contact him and ship back the card if the problem persist.

Good luck ;).

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