HP Photosmart 2575 is an all-in-one inkjet printer.

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Printer will not print color.

Printer will not print color. This cartridge has been replaced. I was told by a salesman that the ink will dry up over time if not used much. He said to take a tube out behind the print cartridges but I don't say an easy way to do this, or is this even practical?

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travis, besides your printer cartridge, have you made sure that your settings are okay? go to Start then settings then Printer/Faxes

Right click the printer icon, and click printer preferences

Click the color tab and remove the check from Print in Grayscale

Also try this to see if it is the cartridge or the printer

Press Setup . The Setup Menu appears.

Press the Down-arrow button to select the Print Report Menu , press OK. The Self-Test Report option will display.

Press OK to print the self-test report.

Press Cancel to clear the screen.

Let us know if this will make a difference. Good Luck

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hp 5580 ,cartridge in slot on left is not intendedfor use in this printer

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i remove and replace but repeat this error

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