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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Soaked in water and connected to charger

Today, while I was washing my hands, my samsung s9 slid into the sink and got pretty soaked. I thought since the phone was water resistant I didn’t care too much and connected it to a charger right after as it was low on battery. It was later that day that I realised my mistake. The phone still charges and works but I am not sure if there are any sort of internal damage from connecting the wet phone to charger. If they are some possible damages, i might get the phone checked a samsung store and exchanged as it is covered by samsung protection plus warranty.

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Must be nice to "not care" about dropping an $850+ phone into the sink.


@Steven Godun I mean it is water resistant and it's not like I dropped in the pool where it's fully submerged and subjected to pressure. In my case, it was just getting soaked by the tap.


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There could be some damage, but often the problem is low-voltage short-circuits caused by water that is trapped underneath the IC’s. If you disassemble the phone, you can attempt to displace any residual water with rubbing alcohol and compressed air. Certainly leave it off and unplugged until you can be sure it is dry.

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