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Help me remove heavily stripped tiny screw

My M.2 screw is stripped so badly. Any ideas how to fix it? The screw is too little and for it to be drilled.

Block Image

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Finally opened it, I use pliers and spin it CCW. Crushed an SSD capacitor while opening it due to my incompetence. Luckily the SSD is the one I wanted to change

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You’ll need to cut a new slot in the stub if it still has some height using this: Screw Slot Files

From the image its hard to tell if you snapped off the screws head or not.

If you snapped off the head and its flush with the threaded stand off you’ll need to get a left twist drill and using a reverse drill carefully drill the screw out.

In either case you’ll need to take the battery out and carefully mask off the area so the metal filings don’t short out your logic board.

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Hello. There are few things I can think of…it’s hard to see the pic,but have you tried or thought about using a star but screw driver or flat head to rig it? If the black ring is just a piece of plastic(plastic nut),can you carefully crack it?

worse comes to worse,maybe super glue,and glue the screw driver in the hole of the screw. Then after it sets,carefully turn it. It should work on something that small…it’s judt holding the network card in place…

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