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Repair and service information for the microscope, an instrument used to see objects that are too small for the naked eye.

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How do you guys clean your microscope lenses?

Hello. First,thanks for any help!

I got an AmScope SE400-Z. It’s supposed to be an awesome microscope for soldering!

But here’s the problem... I tried 2 of those scopes, and both lenses in both scopes have quite a bit of dust and the second was terrible in the right lens. It’s the eyepiece, but on the rear side, not the side you press your eyes up against.

I tried cleaning them with a brand new microfiber cloth, it just made it worse and super dusty and left marks. I tried Q-Tips as I heard 100% cotton Q-Tips with rubbing alcohol are good. I tried that, rubbing it in a circular motion, but it just made it worse.

I can’t seem to find a way to remove the dust. I also bought canned air,and it just won’t work!

What am I doing wrong? What if I was to switch to 20x lenses for something, and dust got on the 10x when I take them out? It’s not as bad now since I found the 2 lenses with the least dust, but I’m baffled.

Will lens paper or kimwipes really work much better? Because even the micro cloth sucked!!! And yes,it’s the kind for glasses and tv screens.

Thanks for any help!

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I use pure isopropyl alcohol and microfiber with my lenses and it does the job nicely, besides dust it removes all fatty residues that I guess come from flux.

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I think you are facing staining and flux spatter issue (not dust). You need to use a clean solvent to properly clean the glass lens surfaces. Rubbing alcohol has other junk in it that just leaves a mess on glass surfaces and if your lenses are plastic will also damage them (fogging them).

As @arbaman stated you need to use isopropyl alcohol but not the cheap stuff! As it to has junk in it too! You need reagent quality (90% or better) or a good photography lens cleaning fluid. As you need something that will cut through the flux sprayed and the vapors deposited on the lenses. On the eye pieces you have the skin oils from your eye lids.

Make sure the micro cloth is rated for lens cleaning (some are too coarse) As you don’t want to scratch the lenses. Or, use proper lens cleaning tissue. You also don’t want to wet the lens but the cloth as it will often seep into the barrel making a mess on the other side of the lens which might not be accessible to clean. Q-Tips also work but the amount of cleaning fluid needs to be monitored as again you don’t want a very wet wipe (just damp!) And you’ll likely need to use a few changing them often if the surface is very dirty. Wash the micro-cloths out throughly using a detergent that has no softer or scent fresher as you don’t want anything left on the cloths. Frankly, I just cut them up into small 3 inch pieces and toss them once they are dirty.

Use the can’ed air carefully! Short blasts and before I use any cleaning fluid as it can push it in making a bigger mess. You don’t want the liquid to exit so don’t tilt or shake the can while using.

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I use tweezers with a small piece of sponge for cleaning as it seems the rubber parts on AMscopes is of a pretty poor quality and tends to melt even with 100% pure IPA. For some reason the rubber quality seems to be an issue with all chinese optics, cameras and binoculars too. Would be nice to find something that can insulate the surface and protect from rubber "melting" but I can't think of anything.


@arbaman - Sponge natural or man made is not really good for lenses. It doesn't have as much surface area as the micro cloth. In addition, the tweezers points can scratch the lens if you're not careful. Finger or wood/plastic stick would be better. I use a bamboo stick to wrap the cloth around or just wrap my finger.


@danj I use natural, might not be perfect but I can't complain about it, some abrasion has to be put into account whatever one uses, that's part of physics..however no visible damage so far. I'm pretty good with tweezers in my hands =;)


@arbaman - Natural sponge might have a couple of grains of sand stuck in it which could scratch the lens. The micro-cloth wipes would be cheaper too ;-}


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i use a alcohol wipe then one of those rags they give you with a screen protector.

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Go to Edmund Optics and purchase stock number #52-105. Use forceps, and fold the paper so you always have a clean side up. Apply a little 92%+ Isopropyll (should be easy to get 99%) and you can get any reflective surface streak free with almost no issues.

Thank me later ;)

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