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Repair and disassembly information for amplifiers in home audio systems.

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Audio amplifier has short circuit

Block Image

Hi,I am repairing an audio power amplifier…I don't see any damaged parts but the light bulb indicates that it has a big short circuit…its peavey cs 2000 power amplifier

Block Image

pls help

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Is your amp repaired??


Hi im roldan from cebu .my question is..what can i do the speaker out is bad tune ( mahina parang short ,)not fully higher using 1 channel only cause the other channel is broken .

Thank you.


Hi @Kuya Reinz Bustillo,

What is the make and model number of the amp?


Ask ko lang po kung na short circuit yung amplifier means madadamay po ba yung speaker ? Salamat po


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Make, model and a few pictures of the boards inside would help. You give us little to go on here. In general, with a direct short like this, look at the bridge rectifier being shorted (if there is one) or if this has a switching power supply, check the main transistor (should be on a heatsink).

Update this with the above info and we should be able to provide more detailed suggestions.

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I am unable to upload images but its peavey cs 2000 power amplifier


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