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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, and a better design.

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3DS XL restarts on its own after shutdown

Ok, so I’ve run into a problem I just cannot seem to find an answer for, so I am humbly admitting defeat.

I have a Nintendo 3DS XL that will restart, on its own mind you, after it has been shutdown. The system will stay off for about 10 seconds and then restart. I’ve pulled the motherboard and inspected it, checked for bad components and even consulted the net, the most popular answer, you guessed it of course, “Send it to Nintendo.”

I’m thinking it is something with the sleep mode that is causing it. Have any of you ran into a similar problem. If so, I’d love to find out how you did or did not solve it!

Thanks for the help.

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This is because of the battery life. Or you can try this method go to the device power options and reset it

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