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Repair and disassembly information for AT&T landline telephones.

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When my mom calls me, I can’t hear her, why?

When my Mom calls me from her landline to my iPhone, I hear the ring, but can’t hear her (and she can’t hear me) when I answer her call. This only happens when calling my iPhone, not my Google Voice number that I answer the same device.

Also what’s weird, if she first calls me on the Google Voice number, or, calls my husband’s iPhone number first (no problems calling him) - she can then call me on my cell and her call comes through just fine. I don't know how long it would take to stop working again, certainly by the following day.

She used to be on our AT&T phone plan, but we removed her when she wanted to start paying for her own phone service independently of ours, for what it’s worth.

This is really maddening, because if there was an emergency, she would have difficulty reaching me. Our method now is: she calls me, I hang up on her (since i can’t hear her), then I call her back (she can always hear me). Again, this issue only happens with my cell # - never with anyone else she calls.

I’m the person she calls most! So frustrated!!! Help!!

Update (11/26/2018)

Thank you so much for your response!

This problem has occurred on my previous iPhone, and continues on the iPhone 10.

My husband has the same Google Voice number (rings both our phones simultaneously), yet my mom has no issue getting through to him on either the Google Voice # or his cell #.

Weird, right? I’ll visit the AT&T store. Tried calling AT&T and all they do is go through the motion of asking my mom to reboot her modem.

Point is - it only happens with me, and we can briefly “fix” it, by having her call either the Google Voice # or my husband’s Cell #.

Any other ideas?

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Here's something I found out on your Google Voice service How Google Voice Works. Maybe its best to not use it any more as it appears to have issues with iPhones.

Maybe its best to share a 2nd line so your mother calls the shared number instead.


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Have you visited an AT&T Store to see what they say?

For some reason your Google Voice services is messing up your phone. I’m suspecting you’ll need to backup your phone, restore it back to the factory settings and then re-install the apps from the App Store (not from your backup) lets see if after re-installing Google Voice app if the problem is still present.

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I do not want to have to start all over to factory settings and have to download my apps again maybe even my contacts? My phone rings 4 everyone except my mom when she calls, unless maybe I am using my phone. However I would think it should still show that she called and it does not

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