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[Early 2014/model number WS-50/black or white] Automatically syncs your weight, fat composition, heart rate and environmental data to your personalized online dashboard accessible on the free health mate app

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Why do my brand new batteries only last 1 week

Every time i use my smart body analyzer it has flat batteries even if it is only one week since I changed them..

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Hey Joe, I have had the same problem for a long time now. Manufacturer support said it was a defective device. I’m actually on this page today because I’m going to go on Amazon and get a 4.5V DC power supply and plug the %#*@ thing in.

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Hi @jvb777 ,

How are you "syncing" your data, WiFi or Bluetooth?

Just wondering if using Bluetooth, it may be that the device that you're syncing with may be just on the borderline of signal range or not in range and the device is having to try and re-establish the connection too often thereby using more power and depleting the battery more quickly. It may be the same with WiFi if the signal level is borderline for whatever reason.

According to the user manual the batteries (4 x AAA) should be good for 8 months.

How old is the unit?

There is a 12 -24 months manufacturer's warranty (depending on location) on the device which you may have to follow up if the unit is still within the warranty period as there may be a problem with it.

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I am using WiFi and connection is great, I have had this too long for warranty but the problem has been there since new. I thought it must be normal but a friend who has the same model pointed out that his batteries last a lot longer.


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Mine runs on four aaa bateries so that is equal to 6 volts dc, It does not come with the option to plug one in so I have made up a device that replaces the batteries with a power supply but I now find it is not accurate and can be up to 2 kilograms out compared to my other scale and it is also radical. I can weigh myself 3 or 4 times in a row and get get discrepancies of 1 to 2 kilos. I think it belongs in the bin…

Good luck with yours…

Joe Buhagiar

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