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Eleventh generation of Ford's flagship pickup truck.

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clutch bearing fuild vessel

if it appears my trow-out bearing for clutch is going out, and the brake fluid in the little vessel runs out under the truck—-could this assembly be bad—rather than it being the entire clutch/bearing assembly??

Thanks, Dennis

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If the hydraulic system to actuate the clutch is failing/failed the symptom will be you can’t get the clutch to fully release to decouple the engine from the transmission. If you see fluid under the vehicle that is a strong possibility. The throw out bearing will make noise if it is failing. You can also feel the rough bearing vibration in clutch pedal as well if the hydraulics is still solid and not already got air in the lines. These hydraulic systems are sold all together slave/master cylinder and line for a little over $100 at various places on line.

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