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The RCA 22” DECK215R is a full HDTV with model number M215HW03. Repair of this device requires special, nonconductive tools.

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Screen goes black right after the picture comes on. How do I reset it

What would cause my screen to go black right after picture comes on? And how can i reset it?

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Cindy Averill  no reset. This could be an issue with the backlights (shine a flashlight at an angle against the screen to figure out if you can still see things), or it could be a main or power board issue. You did not tell us if you keep audio when “screen to go black right after picture comes on “. Give us more details about what you have checked etc. Eventually you will have to remove the back from your TV. If so, post some good pictures of all the boards with your questions so that we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question

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