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Released in October of 2014. This model, SM-G530H/DV Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, comes in a White, Gray, or Gold casing.

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My Phone charges when it's off at first then shows a caution sign

Okay so my phone has recently become more difficult to charge. (For example it will only ever really charge when turned off.) I figured I could live with it. But for the past few days when I set my phone down on the charger for the night it will charge at first but when I wake up I find that the charging symbol shows a yellow caution sign. It charges it to around 60 then stops. And the first time it did this I restarted it and it jumped from 60 to 85. I figure the battery may be going bad but I would like a second opinion.

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It’s either a charge port issue or a battery issue. The more likely of the two would be a battery issue, so let’s replace the battery first.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Battery Replacement

Grand Prime Replacement Battery

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