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Repair guides and support for budget Android tablets by iView.

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Why is it so slow

Everything I try to get into is extremely slow and then it says it's not responding.

Also can I get Netflix on it?

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I just opened my brand new Iveiw tablet fresh out of the box. It is so slow I haven't put anything on it yet and the speed is terrible. What could be the problem? Could this tablet be malfunctioned..


I could not type in address bar they advised me to up grade windows now its stuck on 64% what do I do.


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There may be a malware problem on your device that is slowing it down.

Download and install Malwarebytes for Android and do a full scan of your tablet. Hopefully Malwarebytes will quarantine the malware and speed up your tablet.

Malwarebytes for Android

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Every app I try, everytime I try, including the one you suggested says it isn't responding and wait or close it.


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T take a long time to come on and want let me go to different thing

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