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Released in 2013 as a budget smartphone in three models/variants, the Idol features a 4.7-inch IPS LCD panel, 1 GHz dual-core processor, and an 8 MP camera. Includes models 6030A or OT-6030A, 6030X or OT-6030X, and 6030Dual-sim or 6030N.

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My phone won't stay lit up

How do I fix my phone the screen won't stay light up every th in I click the power button it turn off and won't stay on

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Never mind my phone is the Alcatel Zip LTE


I still need help though


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There could be many issues with your device. Your proximity sensor may be experiencing an issue. The proximity sensor is the sensor on your device that detects how close your phone is to an object. This allow the display to turn off and on. Your display could have a loose connection or may not be working correctly. This could be due to any type of damage. Have you damaged this device in any way?

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Mikeyd123 yes it was in the rain outside for a week then plugged in stead of putting it in rice but now it is in rice


@Supur Godspeed You have damaged the display. No device is fully waterproof. I recommend going to an authorized repair shop to get it fixed.


My phone won't stay lighted up


Phone was on a lower internet speed


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