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Repair guides and support for F-250 Heavy Duty pickup trucks, part of Ford's tenth-generation F-Series.

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2000 F-250SD Gas 6.8L V10 95,000 miles. dies when put into drive

Truck died when I came to a stop light…re-started and put into drive, died again. re-started and put into reverse and drove off the road….

Problem continues…

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Watch the RPM. it might drop to low to be able to keep the engine running. If that is the case, depending on the motor it could be possible to raise the throttle (idle). But be careful it is very easy to raise it to much! All you need is a very small adjustment

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The truck runs in Reverse and Neutral...not in drive


Disconnect the battery. There are sensors on and around the trans. clean the outside of them to avoid dirt getting in. Unplug each one of it looks good put it back together. If dirty use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean when done connect battery and give it a try


Also check relays fuese. Manual or auto?


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