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MacBook only charges with non-OEM chargers?

Having a very bizarre problem with my machine. It only charges with non-OEM charging cables. I have an OEM 60w and OEM 85w charger and when I plug either into this machine, I get nothing. No green light or orange, system profiler doesn’t detect being plugged in, and battery drains as normal. I have other machines which work fine with these cables so I’ve eliminated the possibility of the cables being at fault. However, I’ve tried 3 different 3rd party cables, both 60 and 85w, and they all work fine! I don’t understand it, and any advice is appreciated. I’ve already ordered a new DC magsafe board and I’m hoping that replacing it will fix the problem, but any other suggestions or even an explanation would be helpful. I’d much rather use an Apple charger than a sketchy 3rd party one. Thanks!

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Your Mac probably has a faulty onewire circuit that is the protection stage of the logic board against more severe damages possibly caused by surges. An original Magsafe does a sort of handshake with the system and only if it receives the correct feedback releases power. Aftermarket chargers instead just inject voltage in the logic board regardless. You can easily notice the different behavior, an original charger takes some time before green light turns on, in after market chargers green light turns on instantly. A lot has been said about dangers of non original chargers, they may damage the logic board, cause sparks and even fires have been reported. To be able to use an original adapter you’ll have to have your board repaired first.

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