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Released in October of 2014. This model, SM-G530H/DV Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, comes in a White, Gray, or Gold casing.

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My phone won't turn on

My Samsung phone has gone black. I tryed everything to get it back working. I have taken the battery out and left it for a while i have tryed rebooting it (volume up button, home button and on/off button) also left it on the charge for 2 days and 2 nights. This isn't an old phone. Has anyone had the same troubles with this phone? I would be forever greatful if you could help. As most people my phone is my everything. Thanks <3

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Try removing sim card and sd card, pull the battery out, and hold the power button for a few minutes then put the battery back in and see if it works.

Update (10/27/2018)

Try doing what this guy tells you and see if it helps in any way

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