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Oukitel u7 pro not turning on what could be the problem?


I have an oukitel u7 pro the digitizer was shattered the lcd seems ok no visible damage I tested the battery it is also fine. The phone refuses to turn on at first I thought that it was the digitizer and was about to buy a new one. But the phone is still not turning on without it. I am thinking it may be a faulty motherboard. Is there any way to verify this?


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It is quite likely the issue preventing your phone from booting because the digitizer isn't functioning normally. The digitizer might need to be functioning in order to boot up your phone.

Since the digitizers are going for 9$ on AliExpress, it can't hurt to try a new one.


I was hesitating and thought that it could have been the motherboard. I found one with tools for even lower 5 usd I will give it a try and report back.



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i have the same problem in some oukitel phones ,,try to press the combination key power volume and go to safe mode ..cache reboot and charge it straight way

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