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Announced February 2016, the HP Elite x3 is a "built for business" phablet that runs Microsoft Windows 10 OS and offers Windows 10's Continuum functionality.

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Why wont my HP Elite X3 Cell Phone Charge?

My HP elite x3 that is only 14 months old abruptly quit charging without warning, port appears fine. If anyone knows where I can start looking for basic fix or even where I can take/send for repair would be greatly appreciated. I really like the device and with Windows leaving this world for awhile (hopefully not forever) I dont have many options.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


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Hi @dlw11 ,

Does it work OK with the charger connected? (not asking about whether it charges or not)

If not perhaps the USB port is loose or the USB flex cable is loose and has become disconnected from the systemboard

If so it may be that you have a battery or battery connection problem or a charging circuit problem on the systemboard.

Can you access the tablet with a computer OK via the USB port?

If not then this also points to a loose (or disconnected) USB port or USB flex cable connection.

Here’s a link to the service manual for your tablet.

Scroll to p.32 to view the procedure to remove the systemboard. It mentions the USB flex cable connection to the systemboard so that you can check if it is connected securely. If it appears to be OK then check if the USB connector is securely connected. It is part of the back cover assembly, so hopefully it is connected securely as this is not a cheap replacement part.

If the USB port/flex cable etc appear to be OK you may also be able to test if the battery is being charged or even if it is still connected by opening the tablet as shown in the link above. Scroll to p.27 for how to remove the chassis/battery and also the image on p.29 regarding the battery connectors.

Unfortunately it also says that if you have to replace the battery that you have to replace the chassis as well. Searching online using the part number supplied for the chassis/battery etc yielded no results for suppliers. Hopefully you may have better luck.

You could also check what the manufacturer’s warranty is for the device just in case it is still covered by the warranty. Long shot but it never hurts to check.

To check the Limited Warranty* in your device:

To access this document: ▲ Swipe up from the middle of the Start screen, tap HP Device Hub and then tap User Guide. Select your language if prompted to do so and then tap Warranty

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