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Model A1224 / Early 2009 / 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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iMac will not power up after power surge. Looking for next steps.


I have an A1224 / EMC2266 20” iMac (Early 2009) that will not boot up after a power surge. The machine will power on (you can hear the fans running) for about 3 seconds, shut off, then power on again and stay powered on. I do not get a chime or anything on the display. Besides attempting to reset the PRAM, I have tried replacing the power supply, but still getting the same results.

As for the Diagnostic LEDs, LED #1 is on when power is supplied to the computer. #2 is on after the power button is turned on (during first 3 secs and again after 2nd power on). There is no LED in slot #3 (see attached picture) and LED #4 does not turn on at all.

Block Image

From what I’ve read online it could be the logic board or the graphics card still causing the issue. I was wondering if there is a way to determine which one (or any other component) is the root cause. I’m trying to prevent purchasing a replacement part that will not resolve the problem (like I found out with the power supply). Any feedback or additional recommended troubleshooting is appreciated. Thanks!

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Sounds like you’ve tried most of the things I would have tried including the cmd+opt+p+r pram zap.

Longshots, did you pull the memory backup battery, and then with unit unplugged push and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds?

Second long shot if it’s the video card, you could attempt to reflow the soldier on it using a heat gun. I use a small butane torch instead but basically you are trying to heat up the GPU just enough to reflow the soldier connections. Later iMacs actually had a recall on bad video cards.

When you pulled the iMac apart did you notice any smells of burnt parts? Especially around the power supply area as the surge could have blown something back there.

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Sadly, this series has an intergraded graphics chip on the logic board vs the MXM board.

Time for a new logic board ;-{

I think it would be wiser to just find a newer used system. If need be you can recover your stuff from the HD by using this Universal Drive Adapter keep in mind the 3.5” drives need the external power option unlike the 2.5” drives

Universal Drive Adapter Afbeelding


Universal Drive Adapter


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