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Model A1418 / Late 2013 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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iMac late 2013, A1418 wont boot, PSU & CPU ok but CPU pins bent

Hi all,

I got a logicboard of an iMac A1418 (Late 2013) which has some bent pins within the CPU socket. I guess this happened due to a failed try to upgrade the CPU.

Anyway, most of the pins have been brought in the correct position again (real exhausting work by the way) but one of them seems to miss the ‘head’, which is coming in contact with the CPU pad. I am not 100% sure whether it is however still touching it or not.

Does anyone know whether it is possible to simply replace one of those approx. 100 pins of the CPU socket individually? Otherwise I thought about extending it with a slight piece of fully soldered wire (about 0.5 to 1mm).

Anyway, I could exclude the issue coming from the PSU or the CPU, as those are known good parts.

After inserting the power cable, the first diagnostic LED lights up as usual. But after pressing the power button nothing happens, there is no fan activity nor another LED flashing (power button is working fine though).

So my question is:

In case of a faulty connection between CPU and CPU socket, how will the iMac behave usually? Would it make any noises as it does while ram is missing or faulty?

Any help appreciated ;-)

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A damaged CPU socket is the death nail for the logic board. There really isn’t anything one can do to fix it once the contacts are damaged beyond working.

At this point I think you’ll need to swap out the logic board (with its CPU) to see what happens. A single diagnostic LED is often a bad power supply but I’ve seen the logic board also damaged as well. Until you swap out the logic board or if you can the power supply.

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Hi Dan, thanks for your mail. I was able to allocate the issue to the logic board itself by changing all other components (inkl. PSU and CPU) with known good replacement parts. As I already bent all of those pins into the right position (pic will follow soon) I think it may has to be one particular pin not having contact with the CPU (I accidentally broke off about 1mm with a tweezer).

So my question is, how does the board behave if a pin is lacking contact ? Will there be an error message or could this lead to the issue stated above?

Is there a circuit diagram for the CPU socket, showing the connections of all the different pins?



Here's your systems 4th Generation Intel Core i5 specs: 2.7 GHz Core i5 (I5-4570R)

Intel offers CPU pinouts for the socket in their documentation which you'll find on Intels ARK site.


Hi Dan, thanks for your input. I couldn't find the pinout schematics. Could you please provide a link? Would be awesome!


Sorry guy I don't have them. I haven't needed to look that deep into the socket. You may need to call the Intel support line or email them. I have the older Pentium socket info so I'm sure its available you may need to sign a NDA contract.


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