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Repair guides and support for F-250 Heavy Duty pickup trucks, part of Ford's tenth-generation F-Series.

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Cranking but won't start

Engine shuts off like no fuel. Cranking but will not start

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Hey, Doug. As you said, it could not be getting any fuel. Turn the key to the run position and listen for a humming noise near your gas tank. If you hear the fuel pump, you’re most likely getting fuel. Next I recommend checking for spark. Do you have a spark tester or the tools to remove one of your spark plugs and some spare wire?

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I have and also found whenever I shook the bed of the truck stirring up the gas it would start and run for a minute then cut off??



Have you checked that the fuel filter is not clogged with debris?


Yes I have... put a new filter on about a week ago


That's interesting. You may have debris in the tank. I would try putting some fresh fuel in the tank and see if it will start/run a little better. The in-line filter you changed isn't the only filter in the fuel system. There's a "sock" filter on the pickup tube in the tank. This filter can get gummed up by old gas or trash. If there is trash floating in the gas, it should be floating at the top. Adding some fresh gas might displace that trash. Let us know if it seems to run any better.


The tank was clean as a whistle... the fuel pump was the problem. Running great now. Thanks


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