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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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Power Issue ; No light No Beep!

Hi everyone,

I recently sent my (under a year old) PS4 Pro console into playstation for service due to a power supply issue. Got a brand new system back from Sony, and I am still experiencing the same problem of after turning off the system correctly (I think?) it will not respond in any way when trying to power it back on, no light or beep whatsoever. I have spent hours on different threads trying to find answers, tried removing dust particles, different outlets, etc. Please help I am so frustrated with this and need to get back to a working gaming console!

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@zachkav1 What all have you tried so far? The PS4 has many different problems that commonly cause it not to turn on. When Sony replaced your PSU did that temporarily solve the problem, and it's now doing the same thing or did it not work at any point?


I have tried changing cords linking to the PSU and Power outlet, removing dust in the power supply port on the console itself, as well as leaving the system unplugged, and trying again after 10 minutes, the light on the PSU indicates orange, and then sometimes showing no light after time. After sending my console into Sony, I received a brand new console that worked perfectly for the first two days that I had used it, and then after powering it off last night, it would not turn on this morning


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The Pro models have issues with the power supply. Not the power cord but the power supply unit inside the console. If you have tried different cords and different outlets in your house, (make sure it’s plugged directly i nto the wall, don’t use an extension cord or surge protector) and are still getting no light, I would try replacing the PSU. If you just received the Playstation I would imagine that it is still under warranty, and performing this repair yourself would void that warranty. If there is no warranty or if you would like to try it anyway, that’s the first thing I would try. Here’s a video showing you how to perform the repair. Hope this helps. If this turns out not to ne your problem let me know and I’ll tell you what to try next.

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Hey Travis, I called Sony back and they told me to buy a new power cord, just went and got it and no response still. I called them back and they seem to think the PSU is fried as you said. I'm really disappointed that I would get a brand new system and still experience the same problem once again, they have insisted on me sending it back in for service, as I still do have the warranty and don't trust myself enough to fix it, I appreciate the help!


Thanks for keeping us updated. Hopefully this time they'll send you one with a working PSU!


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