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The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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Reattaching female connector to board

When trying to separate the male & female connectors in dsi I accidently pulled the female connector completely off the board. How do I repair? Thanks!


Sorry.. power connector. I'm assuming that the reason the dsi now won't power on because this piece is no longer attached to the board? The repair I was originally making was to just replace a scratched lower screen.


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which connector have you broken?


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kvogel I believe that the power connector is solder on the logic board. The replacements are relatively inexpensive and require you to solder it on the logic board. Not knowing your comfort level with that, I'd say it is not a horrible job and can be accomplished. Make sure you check your logic board for any cracks/tears. Also check the trace and solder pads to make sure that there is no damage. Oh yes, since the power connector is of the logic board, it will not power on. Good Luck and let us know how it is going.

Nintendo DSi Power Board Replacement

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Thanks for the advice. I'm not exactly sure what replacement parts might be needed at this point. Completely separated from the logic board and power connector is a very small copper "t" shaped piece. Is there more missing? If so, what would that piece be called?

Thanks again


kvogel, I do know that the power adapters are available and not to expensive, Just check ebay for those. Honestly not sure about the small T shaped piece. May be you could post a picture. You will definitely find out what to replace when you get to tearing it down and inspect the damage. Do not hesitate to ask if you need further assistance with it. Good Luck.


Well I was too nervous to attempt the solder job myself and paid a local repair guy $20 to fix. He said he removed the white plastic cover from the two wires and soldered the wires directly to the logic board. If I need to make a future repair the wires will need to be unsoldered and then re-soldered again in the same fashion. Thanks your help with my own attempt!


$20 dollars wisely spent. It's great to know ones own limitations. Good job and best to you and your DSi


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