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Mid-range Android smartphone released by Lenovo in April 2016. The Lenovo Vibe K5 includes models A6020a40, A6020a41, A6020l36, and A6020l37.

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not vibrating, battery draining so fast

why my phone doesn't vibrate, even when turned on?

my battery often get drained, I checked the battery status its good still the problem continue. What is the remedy?

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Try the following:

Open the Lenovo companion app/ help  and choose diagnostics and hardware. Then test vibration.

Also try if it works in safe mode.

To enter safe mode press and hold power button. Then tap and hold power off . You 'll get a option to boot in safe mode.

To exit safe mode just turn off the phone in the normal way.

If none of the above work then perhaps your phone’s vibrate motor may have a faulty connection or it may be faulty

Here’s a link to a video that shows the dis-assembly of your phone.

At 2:51 minutes into the video it shows the removal of the vibrate motor from it’s housing. It will need to be unsoldered from the motherboard to completely remove it.

As to the battery drain problem, try disabling GPS, WiFi and BT, if they are enabled unless they are completely necessary to be enabled all the time and then check the battery performance over time. All of these functions place a great drain on the battery.

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