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These white headphones are equipped with a remote and mic, and come with Apple's music players and iPhone. They are also sold separately. Released on September 9, 2008.

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Internal wire pulled out, 1 channel dead.

My headphone's left channel was dead so i opened up the lead end (the one which goes to the iPod) of the headphone and found a misplaced green wire. the wire seems to be a bundle of thin, laminated filaments and silk. Please see the image:

The wire should be at the encircled area (according to me). But it doesnt seem that it was soldered there. Rather it looks like it was pressed and held there by the string. So my questions:

1) Should it be soldered over there(i mean can the wire be soldered)

2) exactly what part of the wire is a conductor? i tried brushing and pressing it against the lead but i wasn't able to get any sound.


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You are correct about the green wire needing to be soldered. Headphone wire is a major P.I.T.A. (lol). If you can get some fine sandpaper rub the end of the green wire to get some of the coating off. Tin the end of the wire and hold it with some tweezers (it will get hot quickly) and solder it to the headphone plug. Sometimes holding the wire against doesn't make a good enough connection to test, due to the protective coating on the wire. The string I believe is there to provide some protection and flexibility to the cable. Good luck!

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Thanks for replying, I would definitely give it a try, hope i dont burn it!


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Hi... you can easily burn the coating of if you use a lighter.... just put the lighter /flame for a short time on the cable... it starts to burn ... but do not get afraid.. only the sealing is burning... no problem..

after it burned for just a second you can blow it out.. and tin it with your soldering iron!...

i always do this like that... and it is no problem at all...

Good luck from Germany

DC2NI.. jürgen Recker

dc2ni at

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