A popup appears saying that youtube has stopped

I keep on getting this popup that says: “Unfortunately, Youtube has stopped.” I press “ok” and five seconds later it would appear again. I have tried to power it off, but that did not work. i have not downloaded the Youtube app, which is very confusing as to why it says that notification, when i don’t even have the app, and Safe Mode is not available, as the device is old. I do not know for sure what model it is, but i am unable to access anything on the device, please help

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Hi @idontknow1 ,

Are you sure that you don't have safe mode?

Safe mode was introduced in Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) July 2012.

What happens when you turn off the tablet by pressing the Power button and then you press and hold the Power Off option that appears?


I keep getting potup say my YouTube at stopped in


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