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The Mac mini family was first introduced in January of 2005.

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how do i get architecture back

trying to install driver into the terminal with a command line

now when i try to open the terminal it says it cant open because it is not supported by this archetecture meaning applications

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you appear to have 3 questions about drivers all posted within a day or so - I assume it's all a related issue. instead of posting 3 separate questions (including this very vague one) you should post follow ups to the same original post


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What command did you type?

What file did you move, rename or delete?

Can't help from such scant information.


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i was in aplications/utilities/terminal

i accidently deleted the information in the contents folder

now when i try to open the terminal it says not suported by this archatecture

thats where i am now please help


all because of ethernet adfapter


== You need a new copy of terminal... == if you have install DVD/CD you can use [|Pacifist} to extract one and drop it into Utilities.

Get the proper flavor of Pacifist for your OS.

Good Luck,



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