Top burners spark but do not ignite gas.

Fridgedare - Model# FGF366ESC  Serial# VF61334736

Replaced main spark igniter on back side of stove, which it needed.

Now:  Has strong spark to all individual igniters but some times wrong or       multiple burners spark at one time, will not light!

               Strong spark but does not travel through white ceramic igniter, spark goes from bottom of, from wire “around” ceramic to the cast burner base of the gas tube and igniter not “thru igniter” to the top to ignite gas.

                This is on all burners  none of which had a problem before the main igniter went out.  Is there a way to clean the individual igniters, adjustment a possibility?  While cleaning I know you usually get some soap/water around or on the top probe of igniter but “never” had this problem, much less on all burners?



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