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2.2, 2.4, 2.5, or 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Why does pressure on left side of case cause fan to stop?

Had nVidia gpu problem. Apple replaced board. Had loud fan noise from left side. iStat was showing 0 rpms for left fan. Ordered new fan. Opened case. Held keyboard close to the display and started machine. Left fan running OK. Rpms OK. Re-assembled machine. Left fan 0 rpms again. Opened up the case again. Put in screws one by one, watching rpms. Any pressure at all on the left side of the case causes immediate spike in fan noise and rpms immediately drop to 0. Re-assembled case with a lot of the screws out or quite loose. Both fans running fine. No loud fan noise anymore. Temps are fine. Any ideas what happened post logic board change?

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Hello, it sounds like the top case on that side has been "puch-down" to close to the top of the fan. Take the top cover off again and this time run your finger gently across the cover on that side, you will be feeling for a slight "slope" (maybe a little hard to see so rely on your finger. If you feel some type of an indentation then you found your problem, just push it out gently from the inside of the top cover.

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+ good answer, I would also check to see if you've used the correct screws in the correct holes to see that you're not cranking it down to hard with a long screw.


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Thanks for the help. I opened the case and noted that the left fan's green wire, close to the connector was doubled under the other wires. I hadn't given it much consideration, since the ambient light sensor cable, on the left side, comes up a bit high over a ridge. I checked the pictures on this site and that looks normal. So I had assumed that any pressure would be on the ambient light cable. However, I poked the left fan's power connector and cable a little bit with the spudger. When I applied power, with the keyboard still almost touching the screen, the fan rpm was 0. So that was with no pressure from the upper case and no screws in. I powered off, straightened out the left fan power wires properly and reattached the left fan power connector. I was able to reassemble the machine properly with all the screws. Problem fixed. Thank you for your suggestions.



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